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Building the Personal Data Space
Work in Progress: this website is under construction. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive and detailed pieces of information about our project. If you have any question, want to join or have a feedback, please contact us here.


We believe in a human-centric data ecosystem where people are in charge of their data and their destiny. For that we need to provide tools to people and organisations to empower them with their data and allow data to be shared and used in a trustworthy way.
Check out how such an ecosystem brings value to people and organisations:
Prometheus-X is providing building blocks as digital commons to operate such an infrastructure at scale and thus paving the way for a next generation open and decentralized data sharing infrastructure for humanity.
Prometheus-X is enabling an open ecosystem to share data and services with first use cases in the education & skills sector. It will provide a marketplace of interoperable technologies for data empowerment, intermediation, storage and processing. All participants of the ecosystem will be able to share data in a trustworthy way, without depending on any single player.
All those services will respect same trust & interoperability specifications. Prometheus-X is building and providing open source building blocks that will allow anybody to run and operate these services, create open ecosystems, while respecting these specifications. This will guarantee no player in the ecosystem is unchangeable.
Check out our community and use cases.
Here are what people are saying about Prometheus-X project:
« Prometheus-X is the first operational project to build the Data Space of Education and Skills (DASES) within the Gaia-X initiative. Their building blocks can unlock added-value use cases for education and skills, through a secured and ethical data circulation, within France and Europe. »
— From GAIA-X Education & Skills Vertical coordination (Claudio Cimelli, Federica Minichiello)
Prometheus-X is a new generation of education-related services for students, but also unemployed and employed people.
— From Jean-Noël Barrot, French Minister in charge of Digital Transition and Telecommunications.
To learn more about the dataspaces emerging in Europe, see the video introduction below at the last Gaia-X summit 2022 by Jean-Noël Barrot:
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