Governance: Storage / certification of consent and contract data

In short

  • This building block allows participants of the data space to store data in a decentralized way
  • It will be used by the Prometheus-X infrastructure to store consents and contracts in order to ensure trust and interoperability of these


Start date: T0 + 8 months (T0 = expected: Q1 2023)
End date : T0 + 12 months
Duration (in months): 4
Where we are now:
  • The BCdiploma technology is 100% operational and we will be able to start using it as soon as necessary for decentralized storage adapted to the needs of the ecosystem.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The different governance services and in particular the consent service and the contracting service need a decentralized storage space that guarantees the security of the consent and contract data, as well as their proof.
This task aims to develop an operational space for decentralized evidential storage of data, evidence and documents. The service will implement a certification and data storage framework as part of the project. Specifically, owners of an "Enterprise Wallet" will have the ability to sign, encrypt; store data on a distributed storage instance. The data can then be shared with third parties, inside or outside the eco-system.
The stored data can be of different nature: we can consider this storage mode as a data space in its own right, or use it as a record of proof of signatures or a record of encrypted storage of contracts.


  • Deployment and configuration of the decentralized storage software


An operational instance of EvidenZ to store data in a data space