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Data ecosystem project name: Digital skills matching and analytics

Sponsor name: Grande Ecole du Numérique

Sponsor description:

GEN mission consists in promoting digital training opportunities in order to provide French companies with digital skilled workers and ensure their competitively, as France is facing a digital skills gap.

Project description:

The digital skills gap is not a French exception, Europe also faces a shortage of digital experts who can develop cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of all citizens. This issue has to be tackled at European level.


Opportunity / Use case

Users interested

GEN succeeded in creating and implementing a detailed and exhaustive map API of existing digital jobs, already adopted by French digital ecosystem.

  • Implement a European digital mapping API to be enable countries to compare digital skills, trainings and jobs data

  • Add skills descriptions to the jobs

  • make the digital job opportunities and training offer more understandable

EU commission

Training organizations


This mapping allowed GEN to gathered data from every digital training provider to build a unique search engine helping people accessing to the whole training offer for each job (depending on current level, expected diploma, area…)

Enhance the search engine :

  • Add skills description to allow matching between people profiles, jobs and trainings

  • develop a search engine API to share with European ecosystem

  • add a job offers marching

European undergraduates, students

European people who need to reskill

European Edtechs

This API enabled GEN to classify job offers and publish statistics on French digital skills gap (GEN_SCAN). GEN also elaborated a stress index for every digital job depending on the area, to highlight current and upcoming digital skills gaps.

Expend this observatory throughout Europe in order to :

  • share a European unique dataset on digital skills gap

  • find solutions at European level

  • spot emergent digital job and skills needs and feed the digital job mapping

  • train the AI

Ministries of Education

Training funders

Training companies

Job boards


Data provided:

  • all training offers in the digital domain in France,

  • skills analytics in the digital domain in France.

Testers provided by the sponsor:

  • training organisations in France,

  • students of GEN trainings.

Skills Datatypes needed:

  • skills profiles of people working in digital domain

  • job and training offers in digital domain

Skills services needed:

  • skills gap,

  • skills analytics,

  • skills identification,

  • skills matching services.

We are looking for: skills gap, skills analytics, skills identification and skills matching services, skills data sets, job offers and training offers data sets in the digital domain.

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