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Data ecosystem project name: Digital skills matching and analytics

Sponsor name: Grande Ecole du Numérique

Sponsor description:

GEN mission consists in promoting digital training opportunities in order to provide French companies with digital skilled workers and ensure their competitively, as France is facing a digital skills gap.

Project description:

The digital skills gap is not a French exception, Europe also faces a shortage of digital experts who can develop cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of all citizens. This issue has to be tackled at European level.

Data provided:

  • all training offers in the digital domain in France,

  • skills analytics in the digital domain in France.

Testers provided by the sponsor:

  • training organisations in France,

  • students of GEN trainings.

Skills Datatypes needed:

  • skills profiles of people working in digital domain

  • job and training offers in digital domain

Skills services needed:

  • skills gap,

  • skills analytics,

  • skills identification,

  • skills matching services.

We are looking for: skills gap, skills analytics, skills identification and skills matching services, skills data sets, job offers and training offers data sets in the digital domain.

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