Bearers of Fire

You have an innovative skills data sharing use case ? You want to join the most innovative projects on the matter ?
Bearers of Fire are the most innovative skills data ecosystems that shine the light and inspire others.
They unite pioneering organisations that band together to make the future of learning and working happen!
They are based on Prometheus-X's use cases:
Sponsors describe precise needs they have that a skills data ecosystem can solve. AI, service and data providers unite to answer that need and deploy the data ecosystem with the Sponsor towards its students, pupils, citizens, employees and partners.
Bearers of Fire are selected by the Prometheus-X board to benefit from:
  • top expertise to build your data ecosystem, its business and governance model
  • credits to use the Prometheus-X services to operate your data ecosystem
  • unique visibility at international level across many education related events
Join the program:
  • be matched with the most relevant ecosystems to provide your data and services
  • design the use case with the sponsor
  • define the business model to access your services and data
  • test the use case and start generating value
Our sponsors (and the list is still growing):
Check out some quick descriptions of our sponsors' projects: