An open and representative governance of the industry

To guarantee the adoption of this infrastructure, an open and legitimate governance is essential. This is why Prometheus-X was created as an association, uniting different types of members who will govern this infrastructure together and decide on its development.

  • Public and institutional members

  • Associative members or foundations

  • Corporate members

Membership is exclusively reserved to legal entities

Members roles

Member can take various roles within Prometheus-X, according to their nature and/or interest.

Strategic actor

Public, institutional or associative actors that are legitimate to represent the interests of the education/skills sector

Ensures the legitimacy of the governance of the infrastructure, the confidence in its adoption and in its objective of general interest.

Service Provider

Organizations that develop and maintain infrastructure services

Produce and make available the code for infrastructure services. They can also market them as managed services from the Prometheus-X platform for a fee.

Data provider

Organizations that make data available via infrastructure services

Decide on the conditions of use and access to their data.

Data consumer

Organizations that use the data made available via infrastructure services to implement use cases

Pilot the different use cases of the structure.

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Board of Directors


Matthias De Bièvre



Matthieu Sonnati



Eric Cestari

Secretary General


Déborah Elalouf

VP Impact


Muriel Brunet

VP Research

Edtech France

Anne-Charlotte Monneret

Educational Publishers

Valérie Barthez


Marc Sagot

University of Lille

Pierre Boulet


Benoît Jaffeux

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