University of Lille

As part of its transformation strategy, the University of Lille promotes the dissemination and reuse of open educational resources (OER). Several projects are underway, including a search engine for exam topics and educational resources called Ioké (
By allowing data circulation within a trusted framework, this diagram will enable the customization of searches in OER indexes to provide personalized recommendations for a given learning context (training course, teaching unit, etc.). This would involve cross-referencing with local learning traces to further personalize the student's path. The recommendation of resources will be cross-referenced between resources indexed by Ioké but also by resources indexed by other educational resource search engines such as the edtech company Inokufu's engine. The exchange of learning traces between the University of Lille and Inokufu would improve the relevance of recommendations for the learner by providing context for each query (training course, teaching unit, recent activities) in addition to the keywords searched. Other sources of learning traces, as well as student competence profiles or professional objectives, will also be added to the circulation diagram, such as the Orientoi, JobReady, and Campus Skills platforms. This will allow the interoperability service for learning traces from multiple entities with heterogeneous trace formats to be tested. The identification of competences, both of learners performing searches and educational resources, will also be carried out using the interoperability commons for competences developed by Prometheus-X.
We are looking for: learning traces data sets, learning analytics and adaptive learning solutions.