What we do

We are developing building blocks to enable human-centric, ethical and trustworthy exchange of data with first applications in the sector of Education and Skills.
Many organizations, public and private, in Europe have great innovations and datasets in the sector of Education and Skills. However, the exchange of data among these actors has been very limited due to several factors:
  • lack of existing, easily available and secure building blocks enabling data exchange,
  • the unilateral aggregation and centralization of personal data by a few dominant players,
  • the complexity of EU regulation about data (e.g. GDPR).
In agreement with the EU data strategy and Gaia-X initiative, Prometheus-X objective is to fund the development of the building blocks required for building the first european Data Space of Education and Skills (DASES).

Our building blocks are digital commons

Digital commons are software or middleware components that are needed by group of actors in an industry and for which the development is mutualised in order to decrease costs and improve interoperability.
The digital commons are a form of commons involving the distribution and communal ownership of informational resources and technology. Resources are typically designed to be used by the community by which they are created. - Wikipedia

Our Building blocks

Dataspace of Education and Skills (DASES) working groups started in march 2021. After many months of work and meetings between the particpants of the various working groups, a first list of building blocks was identified. This list was them submitted to the vote according to the governance of the association.
For now, these building blocks are:
Additional building blocks may be required in the future. The list above is not exhaustive. This list describes the first and prioritized building blocks to be developed for the dataspace to launch. By taking part in Prometheus-X you can decide which building blocks to develop and fund next!
Check them out, use them and contribute to them!