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Interoperability: skills data

In short

  • The skills data interoperability service will allow participants of the data space to share skills profiles even when the data provider and data user use different skills ontologies and data models

  • This service allows skills data to be automatically translated to and from a common pivot ontology

  • This allows to not need all data space participants to apply the same data model and skills ontology


This video shows how a skills data interoperability system works, it is here demonstrated by the Visions data intermediary integrating an API provided by Mindmatcher that operates the interop system. Through the Prometheus-X philosophy and open source building blocks, any other player can reuse the code and operate a similar service.


Start date: T0 + 0 months (T0 = expected: Q1 2023)

End date : T0 + 12 months

Duration (in months): 12

Where we are now

  • The beta-version of Ismene - the ontology browser - is published and open-sourced.

  • A first set of β€œwell know” RDFs ontologies are made available through the Ismene browser.

  • A first version of Smart Orientation - the pivotal ontology - is available on Ismene.

  • A scratch pad version of MMTranslator - the onto-terminology translator - is Set-up.

  • The β€œtechnology mix” of MMTranslator is validated in back-to-back HTTP context, but a java based component in this mix has to be more precisely evaluated.

  • MMTranslator actually run in a Test Environment with 3 repositories translated on the fly in Json-ld standard (demo video)

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

Competency data is described in numerous ontologies that differ from organization to organization.

The purpose of this building block is to offer interoperability services to users/applications of the "Education & Skills Dataspace":

  • Creation of a Gaia X pivot ontology for a common model,

  • Bidirectional translators of partner data formats using the pivot model,

  • Management of business competency ontologies,

  • Alignment of the business skills ontologies with the institutional repositories (ROME, ESCO, etc.),

  • Management of training offers by competence and blocks of competence.

The expected results of this task are as follows:

  • Translation module with respect to the pivot ontology,

  • Module for entering a skills repository,

  • IA modules for aligning a competency framework with ROME and ESCO,

  • Module for entering a training offer,

  • IA modules of suggested skills and blocks of skills,

  • API exchanges with these modules.


  • Workshops with partners on the definition of the pivotal ontology,

  • Integration of the pivot ontology on the E&S Dataspace platform instance,

  • Use of MMTranslator to integrate repositories on the E&S Dataspace platform instance,

  • Automatic generation and validation of repository alignments with respect to the pivot model,

  • Functional design of a training offer entry,

  • UX design of the training offer management application,

  • Realization of the application for the management of the training offer.






T0 + 3

Document: RDFS semantic ontology of the pivot model


T0 + 5

Set-up: import of authority and partner repositories.


T0 + 6

Document: RDFS Mapping of Partner Ontologies version 1

Document : Alignments referentials version 1

Service: Cross-format translation API version 1


T0 + 10

Document: RDFS Mapping of Partner Ontologies version 2

Document : Alignments referentials version 2


T0 + 12

Service: Cross-format translation API version 2


T0 + 4

Document: specification application "training offer".


T0 + 10

Service: application "training offer" version 1

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