Ile-de-France Region

The Ile-de-France region, through its Regional Public Orientation Service (SPRO) and its employment basin strategy, organizes actors in orientation, education, higher education, and employment into an ecosystem so that they can work together in a coordinated manner, particularly through the sharing of information. These actors include institutional actors such as the Academy, local missions, youth information networks, and universities, but also private actors such as training organizations, employers, and edtech companies.
Each of these actors supports individuals in their orientation and education journey throughout their life, and therefore holds personal data about the individual that makes up part of their profile. This data may concern the individual's situation, professional experiences, education history, skills, interests, or career aspirations. No single actor has a complete profile, which prevents individuals from having a full understanding of themselves and sharing their complete profile to receive the best possible support or recommendation.
The use case, therefore, consists of bringing together some of these actors within the same personal data network centered on the individual so that they can circulate their data between these different actors to receive a personalized and well-coordinated journey, as well as relevant recommendations for support, resources, education, and employment.
We are looking for: skills gap, skills analytics, skills identification and skills matching services, skills data sets, job offers and training offers data sets.
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