Anonymization / Pseudonymization

Governance: Pseudonymization / Anonymization

In short

  • The anonymization / pseudonymization building block will allow participants of the data space to easily anonymize or pseudonymize their data sets before them being shared
  • This service will be interconnected with the contract service so it can be detected from the Data Sharing Agreement when a data set needs to be anonymized before being shared


Start date: T0 + 6 months (T0 = expected: Q1 2023)
End date : T0 + 36 months
Duration (in months): 30 months

Where we are now

  • The work will start Q1 of 2023. Want to learn more and join the effort: join here!

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

Provision of a suite of open source and managed tools that :
  • automate data anonymization
  • advise on good practices
  • validate the quality of the anonymization


  • Development of the tools, availability in opensource for on-premise deployment or as a managed service within the platform
  • These tools can analyze the formats most used by users, and are kept up to date with the evolution of data formats, and new recommendations and best practices in the field.
  • They also perform statistical analysis to make recommendations on primary and secondary fields.


  • Deliverable 1: Semester 2
  • First release of the tool suite on a code sharing platform
  • Deliverable produced every 3 months, in the form of a new release of the suite.
First release of the tool suite on a code sharing platform
New release, new features and capabilities, bugfix