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Brest Business School

The primary target will be to deploy the Prometheus project for undergraduate learners from Year 1 (Bachelor 1) to Year 5 (Master 2). This represents up to 500 learners with a diversity of backgrounds (arts & social sciences, scientific, business backgrounds, etc.) and nationalities (30% of international learners).
Most learners are apprentices and spend one to two years in a company at Bachelor or Master level. During the work-study part of the programme, they spend 3 weeks in their company and 2 weeks in class. From September 2023, they will follow all their courses in hybrid learning and will have the choice to come to class or attend it by distance to avoid unnecessary travel between the company and the business school which may be in different locations in France.
The aim of the current project is to take a step further and test all along the undergraduate courses how the association of the various software interconnected with Oktonin will enable:
  • Learners to develop further specific skill sets through the online courses suggested by the AI based on their progression and improve their employability
  • Learners to find jobs related to the skills developed in Oktonine through the tailored job offers or through the suggested alumni network.
  • Corporate relations staff to gain information about the learners’ progression and better support to develop their skills, find jobs and successfully complete their apprenticeship.
  • To train the AI to identify the skills to be developed in a business school in order to match the market demand
This should support learners to be better prepared for the world upon graduation, and beyond this case study, to provide useful information to the education system in the EU about the skills to develop and foster.
We are looking for: skills gap, skills analytics, skills identification and skills matching services.
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