Working Groups

The work is divided among several working groups called Assemblies.
An Assembly is a group of members who meet periodically to make decisions about a specific area or topic related to building the Education& Skills Dataspace (DASES).
There are two types of Assemblies on this platform:
  • DASES Working Groups hold meetings, debates on various topics and create survey, which eventually lead to community consensus or to the need for developing new common services
  • Prometheus-X General Assembly holds meetings to vote governance rules and also to vote on proposals for funding the new common services identified within DASES Working Groups
The work of these assembly is hosted on Prometheus-X collaborative platform based on Decidim and can be accessed here.

DASES - EU Vertical Education & Skills

This assembly gathers documents and information exchanged amont the Education and Skills vertical group, within GAIA-X initiative. It is public and accessible to all vertical members for contribution. It is temporarely hosted on Prometheus-X platform (FR) on hold of a common collaborative solution from GAIA-X association

DASES - FR WG for a MVP of the Data Space

This assembly works on the specifications of the Minimum Viable Portal of DASES (the catalog).
A specific working group on the legal aspects, the contract template and the contract service: working on the lagal clauses for personal data sharing in the data space.

DASES - French WG Governance

This assembly coordinates all the actions taken by the French WG to build the Data Space Education & Skills. This assembly has a European counterpart, the Vertical Education & Skills

Technical group

This group focus on the these digital commons: catalog, consent, contract, identity and their compliance to GAIA-X specifications.


Skills Working Group of the Education and Skills Data Space focusing on the skills data interop service and skills data sharing use cases.

Learning Analytics

This group focuses on the subject of Learning Analytics, especially Learning records interoperability and their aggregation from several different datasets, in order to be able to exchange data between actors, in particular with a view to training machine learning models allowing the customization of learning path.

Virtual reality

This assembly explores the use and exchange of data related to the use of virtual reality for learning.

Voice Datasets

Voice Dataset Working Group of the Education and Skills Data Space working on mutualization of children voice data to train ML algorithms.

Impact Study

Impact Study Working Group of the Education and Skills Data Space focusing

General assembly (Prometheus-X)

This space is the digital twin of the General Assemblies of the Prometheus-X association.